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Introduction to Computing and Information Technology

Help me study for my Programming class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

  • Show all the steps required to convert the decimal value155 to its binary representation and to its octal representation
  • Show that the binary number 1111.111 what is represents in denary number
  • Given the following expression:If ((student GPA >= 3.5) AND (student age < 25))
    Give student 20% discount
    Give student 10% discount

    • Consider a ten-minute film to be displayed on a computer at 24 fps. Each frame is 400 x 500 pixels and RGB encoding is being used. What is the size of the film file in bytes, KB, MB and GB?
    • A company decided to hire new employees. However, the ages of the new employees should be between 21 and 31 (inclusive).
      Write an algorithm that:
      – Prompts the user to enter the name and the age (as an number of a new employee.
      – Then displays a message to the user if he/she is eligible to join the company.
    • Write an OUBUILD script by making the script select a random number between 1-50 and let the user to guess the selected number by script.
      · When the green flag clicked
      Make the script select a random number between 1-50
      · When the [space pressed ]
      – Prompt the user to enter a number the random number
      – Check if this number is the guessed numbered or not
      – If it is the one then display message to say “well done”
      – If it is smaller display message it is low number
      – If it larger display message it is too large
      – The user will keep enter the value enter he guessed the number.
      Hint you should use guess the number

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