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do part 2,3 and 4 of the file

I don’t understand this MathLab question and need help to study.

follow the instruction in the zip file everything is describe in there.

ENES 101 MATLAB – Project Description Fall 2019
Background: As some of you might know, Dr. LaBerge is an avid bike rider. In Summer 2019,
he has ridden about 1200 miles outside, and about 2200 miles inside. This project applies our
MATLAB and data analysis skills actual data collected from 39 of his outdoor rides.
The MATLAB script GetRideData19, which will be provided on Blackboard, creates five arrays
of data: distance, speed, climb, calories, cadence. The respective units are miles, miles per hour,
feet, kcal (dietary Calories) and average pedal revolutions per minute (RP). Use these arrays as
instructed in the Assignment.
All submissions will be via the Blackboard Assignment facility. These are individual
assignments. Submitted work will be checked for undo similarity to work from other students.

Assignment: This assignment has four parts due at different times.

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