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Part A: Discussion, Part B: Reply to two peers discussion

I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Part A:

Select an interesting mobile application and explain its utility by detailing exactly what it does. Identify the category and target market of the application (e.g., entertainment, utility, special interest, or commercial) and comment on the operation and performance of the application, evaluating whether it achieves its designed function. Identify any specific libraries or packages that have been used in the design and construction of this application.

Part B:

In response to your peers, distinguish the internal design from the external functionality. (The documentation or reviews on the application may help.) Describe the example application’s strengths and weaknesses.

peer 1 Post: One app that i use almost everyday is Audible. Audible is an app that allows the user to listen to audiobooks that they have purchased. The app has a very user friendly interface. This allows the user to easily navigate from their libray to the shop. The search also allows the user to find books or series that they are interested in listening to. The user can even search for through the narrators if they have a certain one that they love. The pages for the books also give a sample so the user can decide if that is the book that they really want to listen to. When listening to the book the interface is very easy to use as well.

peer 2 Post: The application that I choose is “Hiking Project”. I use that application on android platform. I use this application when I go hiking. I find this application very useful for many reasons. The best feature that I want to point out is that this application enables me to pre download the trail information. This feature is really useful because at the starting point of the trail I never have any luck with my 4G signal. This app also have one great feature, it shows you the elevation gain on every distance traveled. The other common features are it records my track, shows my distance traveled, elevation gained, calories burned etc. The app design is very straight forward and simple. All the application options are located at the bottom of the screen and the map takes almost the whole screen. I could not find any libraries or packages that have been used on the application. I tried to search online but couldn’t find anything on it. If I have to take a guess it would be java or kotlin. Can anyone suggest me on how to find out?

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