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Write case study on ERM at Malaysia’s Media company Astro

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Chapter 35 presented a case study on ERM at Malaysia’s Media company Astro. The focus of this case study is to convey how ERM can be used to assess portfolio performance.

Since this is the last discussion and this is a short week, this discussion will be pretty simple. You only have to do TWO things.

A) State (honestly) that you read chapter 35 and summarize what you learned from the chapter one or two sentences.

B) Give me your honest assessment of how effective the discussions were this semester. You are welcome to discuss the Wiki assignment as well

please use this examples if needed:

Example 1: Chapter 35

I was intrigued by Astro’s use of ERM starting in 1997, years before most companies in the United States started to implement it as a result of SOX in 2002. Of course, SOX in the U.S. had the impetus of 9/11. Astro’s was the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Astro seemed to have a very mature ERM framework put in place, especially that it took into consideration both political and cultural fit. If a company passes the pre-acquisition and discussion phase, the Astro ERM framework gets implemented quickly with the help of the acquired company’s management. Of course, motivation for the acquired company’s management is in the form of performance tied to compensation. That Astro can do this within several months is impressive! Most companies take years to implement ERM.


As with any course I take, how much I retain is directly related to how engaging the material. Were I to take a course where there is zero interaction with anyone, I wouldn’t be as interested. With the initial postings we would create for the discussions, I had to think about the material and apply it in a certain way to answer the questions. I think where I got more out of the discussions was seeing the responses from other students. Quite a few times people had taken a different approach to the questions than I had, or pointed out things I hadn’t thought of during my initial posting. In addition, the direction of making comments toward other posts such as a pro or con made me think about the topic and post even more. This as opposed to just putting “Nice post.” Of the courses I’ve taken at UC, this one required the most interaction with the discussions. I clearly (in my mind) got more out of the course because of it. I even went on to have some interesting discussions with friends (who work in I.T.) about some of the topics we covered in the class.


I thought the use of the Wiki made the research for the course more interesting. To me, it seemed to make the research more poignant. It wasn’t terribly complicated and frankly something I would do anyway: read a journal paper, take some notes on why it was important to what I was researching. It was interesting to see what others were doing. Were I to go back and start the course over, I think a Wiki-type assignment every week would have been fun.

Example 2: I have completed reading on chapter 35. This chapter discussed how to approach ERM implementation, monitoring, reporting, and how it adds value on making investment decisions. Understanding investment performance dashboards help provide comparison between investment value to investment risk score and profitability of overall risk. This allows investments to have better risk and return management.

The discussions this semester was effective by requiring us to read material and case studies on ERM. However, I think it would have been more effective and fun to have open discussions by allowing us to find concepts or use cases of ERM within any sector a person chooses. Allowing the flexibility of choosing with your requirements would be a great combination. I believe the wiki assignments can be incorporated into the discussion’s posts. Overall great course!

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