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Assignment 3

Need help with my Computer Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Description: Write a Python program that will calculate amount due from tables at a restaurant. At each table, your program should ask how many people are seated at the table. The program will then ask the user for the price of each meal purchased at the table (Assume that each person as ordered one meal). Calculate the subtotal, the sales tax, the tip, and final total for the bill at that table. Make sure you label the output for each table. Money should look like money. Process tables until there is a table with 0 people entered. Sales tax is 6% of the subtotal. The tip is also calculated from the subtotal. If number of people at a table is less than 5, it is 18%. If there is 5 or more people, the tip is 20%. Use this as example data to test your program:

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