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Write a Memo as an IT Manager…

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On your first day on the job as an IT Manager, you attend a meeting with several department heads regarding proposed budget reductions. One of the department heads suggests that money for information security be cut by at least 40 percent because the company has not been infected with a virus in the last three months, proving that the current defenses are adequate. What would you say in response?

Memo Instructions:

If you are not familiar with the format of a memo, go to Google and research how to write a memo.

• Write a one-page memo (use the correct memo style; free template online).

• One page means one page.

• Make sure that your memo addresses the problem, and your response is clear.

• Avoid using attacking words to address your point.

• Your memo should consist of different paragraphs or bullets to address your point.

• Do not copy and paste information into your memo from the Internet.

• Minus five points for every mistake within the memo (spacing, etc).

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