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Help with a python program.

I’m trying to learn for my Programming class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Need help with the below:

Write a python program to read the file, and produce a summary of the total reported crimes for each state. The report will look something like this, though don’t worry if your list is not in alphabetical order:

State            Reported Crimes      
Alabama 8,133,055
Alaska 1,198,047
Wyoming 834,588
United States 563,841,249

There are a lot of fields in the data file, but you can simplify your life by using subtotal fields, Totals.Property.All and Totals.Violent.All.

Once you have the summary, change your program so it writes the summary to a file, crime_summary.txt.

Make sure you use a dictionary for this assignment. The obvious case is to use a key of state names and the value is the accumulated count of reported crimes. There might be a place for another dictionary as well, though you only need to use one.

Be sure to add a header comment to your program and any functions, and appropriate comments before other blocks of code.

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