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Need help debug my problem.

Need help with my Python question – I’m studying for my class.

I have a few modules in the file and trying to use those modules in the file “”. All the modules work on their on in file mymotif but not when imported into I attached the error message and two source code files with this post.

Goal is to make all the “import” work.

Error message:

Program does not run:

$ ./ mydna.txt 6 100

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “./”, line 6, in

import mymotif

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 63, in

print (profile(string_list,2))

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 52, in profile

count = Count(string_list,p)

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 42, in Count

Count[symbol][j-1] += 1

KeyError: ‘B’

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