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Lab work 2pages apa format

Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I’ve made your Week 12 folder available to you. It has your slides, a recorded lecture, as well as a Lab lecture (remember that you are tested over the labs you are supposed to perform as well). I’ve made Lab 8 available, however you do not have to post the lab report. Your graded assignments this week are Discussion #4 (be certain to review the lab lecture, the recorded lecture, and readings before you do the Discussion), and a Case Scenario where you are being asked to evaluate a Healthcare Organization to identify the impact of disruptions to its IT systems. As with the STRIDE assignment, this is worth a significant number of points – 5% – of your final grade, so it is important that it be your original work (no copying from any source) and that you remember that you must make it relative to the systems and company in the scenario. Generic papers on BIAs are not acceptable and will not receive any points.

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