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Adding CSS to a Webpage

I’m studying for my Html / CSS class and need an explanation.


  • With your text editor, create a new file and name it style.css
  • In the <head> section of both HTML pages, add the following line:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”>

Comment: the filename is case-sensitive. Make sure that you use lowercase letters when referring to the style.css file.

  • Back in the style.css file, write at least one CSS rules to style:
    • 3 different tags

You can have more than three style rules to fit the vision you have imagined for the page; these are just the minimum.

  • The style rules should apply to elements in all HTML pages that you created for your website.
  • You may use properties you have learned about in class such as color, background-color, font, width/height, text decoration, borders, etc. Also try to use CSS rules that you haven’t seen in class, but discovered through your own reading.
  • Save the style.css file in the same location as your website files.
  • Link the style sheet to your home page.
  • View the website to make sure that the style sheet is working.

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