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Design and implement, using an object-oriented programming language, the software application for Alpha Mobile (No Plagiarism))

I don’t understand this Software Development question and need help to study.

For this assignment, you can use a design pattern of your choice. Most people choose “Factory Method” (which is different from Abstract Factory). To implement this, you’ll need to make a AlphaMobileFactory interface with functions to assemble (create), label (name), and set the price of a Phone object. You’ll also need a SmartPhone interface with functions to set and get price and label. Using the AlphaMobileFactory interface, create two concrete factories for Singapore and New York which are able to assemble the correct kinds of phones. Using the SmartPhone interface, create the three kinds of phones. Finally, write some test code to show the factories making each kind of phone.

Hopefully this will give you a start. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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