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mathmatic and science is universal

Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

It’s a 750 words essay and basically the evidence should come from the article as followed.

I cant find the article online the reference is Guide for McClellan LLL,J.E.,&Dorn,H.(2015). The enduring East.In Science and technology in world history: An introduction (3rd ed., pp.100-115). Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press

Guide for Berggren,J.L(2007)Mathematics in Medieval islam.In v.j. Katz(Ed.), The mathematics of Egypt, Mesopotamia,China,India, and Islam:A sourcebook(pp. 515-676).Princeton,Princeton University Press

Guide for Bala,A. (2019).Connected histories: The Asian roots of the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions. In S. Kumar,S.P. Mohanty,A.Kumar,& R. Kumar (Eds.),China, India and alternative Asian modernities (pp. 42-59). London, Routledge

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