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divya-discussion and reply

I need an explanation for this Computer Science question to help me study.

provide a 300 words on below topic. and reply to 2 student posts.

topic : Big data

himanshu – Few thoughts on Big Data….The approach to big data is in full throttle by different enterprises across varied industry segments. Customers are far more likely to trust your business and be loyal enough to engage in repeat business if you are able to adapt to their individual buying habits, can personalize their offers and match their needs perfectly. It will strengthen your business processes, increase sales, and it can fully transform the way business is done.

kavya – With organizations adopting new technologies, enterprise security has been a major concern. Our world is highly technological. We heavily use mobile devices, laptops. PC over the internet that is driven by technology. Though many people see technology as a creative and innovative step, others misuse it for identity thefts and data breach. Hence, organizations spend a lot of money to ensure that their system is protected against attacks.

The following principles should be considered when implementing security controls

1) It should align with company’s policy

2) The implemented controls should be communicated across the organization.

3) Monitor the effectiveness

4) Iterate

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