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SBAR /business case

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For this assignment make a business case/SBAR for installing Peoplesoft in the cloud vs on premise. Review the Getting Started on Peoplesoft Installation for details. Use the SBAR template to document the business case, include the the TCO document, and submit the assignment for grading

SBAR Template


In this section, you provide a high-level overview.This section should be two to three sentences that are precise.


In this section, you provide the details.This section should include enough information that the reader does not have to ask you questions.


In this section, provide your assessment of the problem.Where applicable, use data.


For this section, provide a precise and descriptive explanations on exactly what’s needed to address the situation.Provide two to three solutions.Include total cost of ownership (TCO).

Don’t forget to include your TCO Excel Spread Sheet

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