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Notice of Privacy Practices

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The Unit 6 assignment will continue your Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan. You will develop a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP), which is a document familiar to most people from visits to the doctor. Each patient must sign one annually or during any visit to a medical facility if that happens less often than annually. If any patient data is breached, patients would receive a breach notification letter, such as the one developed in the Unit 5 assignment.

This assignment includes the development of an NPP followed by the creation of other documents related to patient privacy that support the NPP. For example, data retention and classification policies are mentioned in the NPP so that patients will know how their data is handled. These are among the policies you will develop.


Develop the following documents to include in your organization’s Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan:

  • An introduction that compares and discusses U.S. and international privacy requirements with regard to patient rights.
  • A Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • A policy for data retention and classification.
  • A policy that defines processes for complaints, access, correction, and enforcement processes.
  • A Privacy Officer Policy.

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