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Discovering Evidence of dirty data through data visualization using R(APA format)

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After listening to the lecture recording that I have provided and reading chapter 3 in your textbook, specifically section (3.2), you have seen many examples about how data visualizations using R can help you in assessing data cleanliness and finding dirty data in your dataset during data exploration and analysis.

In this discussion forum, I would like you to provide a complete example that is not presented in the book that explains how data visualization using R can assist us in understanding how dirty data can manifest itself in visualization. Please provide the graph(s)/plot(s) along with a discussion that explains how visualization helps in capturing or determining the existence of dirty data.

All posts will be checked for plagiarism. Please make sure to have an original post. If you cite an outside resource, you must include your citation. Remember that you can’t copy/paste from sources that you cited; you would need to re-phrase the idea/point that you cited with your own words.

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