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Part A-Write a discussion. Part B- Reply/comment(separately) in two paragraph(provided)

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Part A::: In this module you have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of tools and technology used within the Information Technology Field. For this discussion, you will either choose one of the new tools or technologies you learned about in this module or identify a tool or technology that you have used within your own experience.

Once you have selected a tool:

  • Describe what the tool is
  • How you could use or have used it
  • How you think it might be used by someone in a specific IT role or environment

Lecture from the class provided in the word file. Please check the pdf file for grading and rubric.

Part B::: Reply 2 paragraph below separately. In your response, suggest another environment, profession, or way the tool they described could be used.

Paragraph 1:::The tool i chose is IDE , integrated development tool . This tool helps software developers and computer programmers with writing code on a daily basis. The IDE helps with having a controlled code writing environment that allows you to utilize many different plugins that all can help with development. The IDE also has a debugger that helps find errors in your code. The IDE also can provide shortcuts like autofill. There are plugins that allow you to quickly generate a basic template for starting many different projects. These IDEs can prove very essential for software developers and programmers. There are many different IDEs and it comes down to personal preference in most instances. The IDE can also help with version control and file structure. The IDE can also give a very great visual representation for proper indentation and spacing while writing code.

Paragraph 2:::The tool that I selected is called TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a remote access software. This tool could be used to access another computer remotely. For example, if you are giving a presentation in a meeting and left the files on your office computer you could remote into your office computer and get the files. I haven’t used this tool before but I have used tools like it before. When I was a computer technician I would frequently remote into client’s computers to see what the issue was. Remote access software allows you to see what the other person is seeing. This can be particularly helpful when in meetings, resolving trouble tickets, and helping colleagues with work. Tools like TeamViewer are frequently used by IT departments and technicians. To fix some problems you need to see what the client is experiencing.

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