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Bab and sainith – CS and PM replies

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

please read below 4 student posts and provide response(based on the post) in each 125 words.

Project management:

priyan -The Project Management Office (PMO) is the department or group that defines and maintains the standards of process, generally related to project management, within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. The office is also the source of documentation, guidance, and metrics on the practice of project management and execution. In economically uncertain times, however, the PMO is being asked to do more with less, to provide even more visibility into them spend, to continually demonstrate value to their business customers, to deliver the right services on time, on budget and on specs and to manage a complex environment of technology and people.

While developing a process improvement programmed can be costly, studies have shown that the resulting benefits of improved time-to-market, productivity, and quality far outweigh the initial investment costs. A Project Management Office (PMO) is key to successfully implementing process improvements and ensures development teams finish projects on time and on budget through the use of established best practices, while at the same time ensuring the finished project or product meets stakeholder requirements. (Pande, A. 2012)

Not exclusively CAN the PMO quicken the usage procedure, the PMO ought to be ACCOUNTABLE for quickening the execution procedure. The PMO is an impetus for the business. Every one of the procedures, controls, formats, and methodology ought to have however one purpose behind existing – that is to influence the execution to process speedier (Christopher N. 2007). The PMO ought to characterize an undertakings conveyance structure that encourages venture supervisors to explore the frameworks and storehouses of the association without getting stumbled up or impede.

Can a PMO accelerate the implementation process?

1 replyPrasanna Burri


If implemented correctly, PMO has a good chance to accelerate the project implementation process. The basic aim of PMO is to make a standardized process for all projects within the organization. When PMO is appropriately supported by the leadership, it can efficiently analyze the collected relevant data and disseminate throughout the organization. This in turn will help the project management process.

PMO improves the decision-making process by projecting a united vision of the project management team and the leadership. The PMO must create a blueprint for the projects at departmental level which creates a recurring process. This ensures that best practices are incorporated in the project. It optimizes the resources of the project, reducing the cost and fast-tracking the implementation. PMO defines a set of rules to follow for the project management team of every project. To achieve the strategic goals of the company, that are in sync with the corporate management, all the standardized information is communicated effectively with transparency.

The integrated process shown by the PMO will serve as a model for accountability and implementation process to achieve the strategic goals set by the leadership. According to an improvement methodology called Theory of Constraints by Eli Goldratt – a project in place is initiated to have a positive effect on the organization will reap its benefits the quicker the project is completed.

PMO can fail if the there isn’t a feasible business case and choose ineffective personnel for implementing the PMO. PMO should not have a model which loans project managers to departments. Such model will sabotage PMO as each department will work on their own projects which not necessary align with the vision of the leadership.

Cyber security :

main que :Perform a search on the Web for articles and stories about social engineering attacks or reverse social engineering attacks. Find an attack that was successful and describe how it could have been prevented

no need to provide answer for main question,please read below student posts and reply accordingly..

gangarma – In 2016, a social engineering attack was made against the United States, Department of Justice. Following this attack, the hacker released the files that he stole and made them public. The files included personal information regarding 9335 employees of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Staff Directory. Apart from this, he also released information of about 20000 FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents. It came as a big blow when the hacker revealed how he got access to this information.

Apparently he had sent phishing emails to the employees and one of the employees fell for the trap and he was able to access the email account. Following this, he tried to use the same login credentials to access the web portal. He failed to do so because he did not have the access code. In order to gain the code, he called the department and posed as a newcomer and asked for help. He was then given the code and he got his hands onto the complete information present which was around 1 TB. The hacker only took around 200 GB of data.

This incident drew lot of attention and the employees of the department were heavily criticized for their foolish act. Any employee at such an important department is at least expected to have basic training about cyber security and should be capable enough to notice one. The Department did have an access code for the web portal to prevent any such attack and the employee simply gave the access code over a simple phone call asking for help. Though this whole incident bought shame to the entire department, it was an important lesson for everyone. And we must pay a lot of attention on what is happening around us and how can we stay safe and prevent any such attacks from happening.

prasanna – Social engineering can be described as various malicious activities which succeed through the human interactions. The attackers manipulate the users psychologically to provide the secured information. It may be different types such as baiting, phishing, email spoofing, dumpster diving, pretexting, scameware and so on. There are several instances where the social engineering techniques were successful in data breach. I would like to cite the Yahoo security breach which happened in 2014 and 2016.

Yahoo is used by people all over the world. The users search for the information, use the Yahoo emails, Yahoo chat and so on. The data breach was done in 2014 and 2016. These are considered as the largest discoveries in the history. In 2014, a half-a billion user accounts were breached and in 2016 over a billion accounts were breached. This is done by a spear – phishing email to an engineer. The hackers were able to gain access to the users and stole the private emails and contacts. The data was kept in the dark web and was used by many scammers. It took 3 years for the Yahoo to come to a conclusion that the breach was done. The sales of other organization were lost. Verizon lost over 350 million dollars. By being extra careful, the situation would have never happened. If the employee was careful and not opened the suspicious email, the data breach would have been stopped. There must be frequent education and training to the employees about the new social engineering attacks. the organization must send the spear-phishing emails and see if the employees open them or not. There must be proper email filter to prevent the unwanted emails.

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