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Computer Systems

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13.9 What is the purpose of an IP address mask? Suppose an IP address is identified as What is the network address in this case? What is the host address? How many hosts can this network address support? Repeat this exercise for the IP address

13.10 Explain the concept of a DHCP lease. How is it obtained? How is it used? What does it provide?

14.5 In recent years, much of the storage and communication of data has been in digital form, even if the source data is actually analog. Even most television is now transmitted digitally. What benefits and advantages are gained by using digital storage and signaling

15.8 What is the difference between the logical description of a file and the physical description? 16.6 Explain piping. What additional capability does piping add to a command language?

16.7 Explain the concept of redirection. Illustrate your answer with an example of a situation where redirection would be useful.

17.1 You have noticed that loading the programs from your hard disk seems to take longer than it used to. A friend suggests copying the files from your disk, one at a time, to a different device, and back to your disk. You do so and discover that the programs load much faster now. What happened?

17.7 Explain the trade-offs between contiguous, noncontiguous linked, and noncontiguous indexed file allocation. In particular, note the effect on sequential and random access methods.

18.17 Explain why the installation of additional physical memory in a virtual memory system often results in substantial improvement in overall system performance.

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