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Write an analysis of a contemporary disruptive technology-the Internet of Things (IoT)

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

Write a 800 word essay (MLA format) that offers an analysis of a contemporary disruptive technology. Using the attached articles, especially those around shifting media (McLuhan) and communities of practice, 1.) explore this new tech from its historical antecedents to its design, 2.) the reasons for its development and 3.) its implications in one’s life and 4.) the role it has played in transforming culture and society. You should also explore the future implications of the technology and posit a set of possible futures, based on research, that the technology might lead to (What effects will it have on jobs and work, how will it transform its industry, what possible new products might emerge from this one?).

As you begin your research for this project consider the following:

  1. Find a contemporary disruptive technology that you use in your everyday life—the Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Explain how and why the technology is disruptive. (Here use evidence from the attached readings and other academic research to bolster your explanation.
  3. Explain why the technology was chosen/its’ significance and how it has transformed people’s life or changed the way people live.
  4. Explain how the product was designed, what it meant to change and what message the tech and its invention
  5. Explain the ramifications of the technology for others or culture/society in general (in other words, move beyond the impact on a single life and write about the technology’s impact on the public in general). For this part, you’ll need real academic research to back up your assertions.
  6. Using your research and the readings from week 7, speculate on the possible future impact of your technology category. For example, look at the video “Humans Need Not Apply” on YouTube for an example of the possibilities of robotics on employment and the economy.


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