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SQL Statements (Database Technology)

I’m studying for my MySQL class and need an explanation.

1. Using the following database, answer the following questions. Before Running this script, you’ll need to create a database (you can choose the name) and ensure it’s active (bolded in mysql).

2. Answer the following questions about the database using SQL Statements. For each Question, please use an Alias for the table name and include your initials (HJ) as one of the Aliases. Please only submit the SQL Statements for the answers.

Download the database and write your SQL statements on the answer sheet:

Click on link to download both files.…

    1. What customer addresses are on a “Lane or Ln?”
    2. What’s the address to all businesses that were incorporated after Jan 1, 2000?
    3. How many individuals were born before 1970?
    4. What’s the average available and pending balance for all accounts at each Branch? (use Group by)
    5. Which accounts have a difference between their Available and Pending Balance?
    6. How many employees does Paula Roberts Supervise?
    7. Who are the employees work that work at each Branch?
  1. Write an SQL Statement to add a new teller to Headquarters and an IT Manager to headquarters. Make up the information for the other columns.
  2. Write an SQL Statement to add a Database Administrator to the headquarters staff, please use your name for this statement. (Name: Hashim Jamal)

Submit answer sheet to these problems.

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