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Ppa 403 Week 3 Quiz

The file PPA 403 Week 3 Quiz includes solution to the following questions:

1.Question :

Both the federal government and state governments must afford citizens due process of law.

2.Question :

Administrative law issues are handled at various levels of formality from informal to formal depending on the issue, the applicable statutes, authority, and intensity of disagreement.

3.Question :

Timely and adequate notice to potentially affected parties is necessary for fair administrative hearings.

4.Question :

Given that agencies may often choose to follow either the rulemaking or adjudication process, they may at times find it

advantageous to achieve their goals by avoiding the formality of a hearing by changing the title of their actions to rulemaking.

5.Question :

When an agency adjudicates an issue, legal formalities are usually involved.

6.Question :

Informal rulemaking is a rarely used administrative tool.

7.Question :

An agency must always follow an administrative law judge

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