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Philosophy Complete Answers 100 Webtext Questions Week 02 To Week 10

2.1 Emotions and Biases


Which of the following BEST summarizes the relationship between emotions and critical thinking?

·         Emotional moments are usually the best times to objectively scrutinize beliefs and situations.

·         Strong emotions must be resisted at all times if one wants to be a good critical thinker.

·         Strong emotions always make it easier to view a situation objectively.

·         Emotions are an important component of the human experience, but some emotional states can hinder critical thinking.


Evan, who views himself as a political conservative, could be accused of confirmation bias in which of the following situations? Choose the BEST answer.

·         Evan only reads news sources or watches networks that have a conservative leaning.

·         Evan advocates for causes he believes in on his personal blog.

·         Evan always switches his voter registration to the city in which he is currently living.

·         Evan has discussions with his more liberal brother to understand the other side.


Top of Form

Give an example of a time when you encountered bias, or overcame your own.

I have a group of team and we work together. I lead the four guys in my group and we all belong to the same residing place. Its mere a coincidence, that we all from the same place working in the group. All we believe that our city is over crowd, noisy and busy city and I believe we all are bias on this opinion since we didn’t visit any other place like that. 

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