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Pattern Of Organization

Examine the topics below and decide whether the best pattern of organization for the topic is:

(a) time‐sequence pattern (b) a topical pattern (c) a spatial pattern

After deciding which pattern of organization is most appropriate for all topics, write down two or three possible main points which follow your chosen pattern of organization and which would be appropriate for the given topic. Be prepared to defend your answers.

1. Why students need a college degree

2. How to recognize and deal with eating disorders

3. Building a birdhouse

4. The advantages of team sports

5. The history of rock music


I want to discuss STDs. I would use a topical pattern.

I. What is Chlamydia ?

II. What is Gonorrhea ?

III. What is Syphilis ?

I want to talk about buying and caring for a guitar. I would use the chronological pattern (steps).

I. Decide what kind of guitar you need.

II. Inspect the guitar for potential flaws.

III. Maintain the guitar.

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