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Non Linear Programming 1

Non-linear Programming Project Guidelines

Objective: To demonstrate to me you ability to use the course material in some way that interests you. Specific ideas include:

Presenting a paper. The text (Required Text: Bazaara, Sherali, and Shetty. Nonlinear Programming, Theory and Algorithms, 3rd ed., Wiley, 2006. ISBN 0-471-48600-0.) is a few years old and many of the topics in the text have been explored further. Select a recent paper and present it in a way that is consistent with the course. This may involve translating some terminology, as well as concisely describing the crux of the paper. You can use the citation index to find papers that cite the class text or papers in the text. You can also do a topic search via the web.Practical Project. Select a problem you are familiar with that involves non-linear methods and solve it. You can simplify the problem to bring it to a size appropriate to this course. If in doubt, drop me a note and I’ll tell you if it is too bit, too small, or just right.

In either case, I expect no more than four or five pages, excluding any graphs or figures. Code listings would be in an appendix and not count to the page limit. If you are presenting a paper, include either a copy of the paper or a link to an on-line source for the paper.

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