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Netw 589 Final Exam Graded

This file of NETW 589 Final Exam Graded covers:

(TCO A) How do analog and digital signals differ? Describe the pattern. (Points : 25)(TCO A) How is information conveyed using FM (frequency modulation)? (Points : 25)(TCO B) Define circuit switching and packet switching. Explain why one is more appropriate for data. (Points : 25)(TCO B) What organizations have responsibility for standards covering more than one nation? (Points : 25)(TCO C) What is the difference between a BSS and an ESS? (Points : 10)(TCO C) How many types of frames are used on a wireless network and what are they? (Points : 10)(TCO C) Which security standard is compatible with the 802.11i standard and which ones are not? (Points : 10)(TCO C) Why does implementing RTS/CTS help speed data transmission? (Points : 10)(TCO C) What are the primary components of a WLAN? (Points : 10)(TCO D) What is the difference between baseband and broadband? (Points : 15)(TCO D) What is meant by the last mile? Why is the last mile problematic in terms of data transmission? (Points : 15)(TCO E) What is the main problem with using GEO satellites for data links? (Points : 15)(TCO E) Explain the differences between 1G, 2G, and 3G networks. (Points : 25)(TCO F) What is the purpose of a blocker tag? (Points : 15(TCO F) How does RFID work? (Points : 25)(TCO G) AMPS operates in what frequency range? (Points : 15)(TCO G) Describe an efficient way to accomplish a widespread rollout of a new wireless system. (Points : 25)

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