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Netw 320 Week 3 Homework Assignments

This pack of NETW 320 Week 3 Homework Assignments covers:

Write a 500-word paper that explains what a SIP trunk is, why you would use a SIP trunk, the equipment required for its use, and any RFCs that discuss SIP trunking.SIP Trunking or also known as SIP trunks is a communication service offered by different carriers and normally they are combined with Internet telephony service providers that allows businesses u organizations to use voice over the Internet protocol (VoIP) while you are connected to the Internet. The main purpose of using Sip Trunking is to extend VoIP or IP telephony use beyond the enterprise network and reduced cost. Also, we can create and control the communications sessions that are the basis of VoIP telephony. In few words your organization would be able to use instant messaging, multimedia, conferencing, and other real-time services that can traverse a SIP trunk.

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