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This assignment will assess Competency 8: Examine the role of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) within the workplace.

In this lesson plan you read Mullins v. City of New York. Provide a brief description of the facts of the case. Identify the legal issues of the case. Explain the rule that is created by the decision of the court. Do you agree with the court that IAB’s involvement constituted retaliation? Why or why not? To what extent did the police department culture play a role in this decision? What steps could the police department have taken to prevent these actions from constituting retaliation?

Your brief should be one to two pages in length and follow these guidelines:

Double-spaced12 point Times fontOne inch marginsAPA format (Title page, Citations, Reference page, and quotes over three lines do not count towards the minimum page limit)Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

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