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Mkt 506 Week 4 Assignment 2 Advertisements To Compare Strayer Latest

In this file of MKT 506 Week 4 Assignment 2 Advertisements to Compare Strayer Latest you will find:

Understanding consumer behavior is an integral part to product sales. Communicating the desired message to the right targeted customer is a must. Select any two (2) advertisements provided in Chapter 4 and 5 of the textbook.Create a matrix, table or a figure to present your responses to the tasks below. Be as creative as you can be. Then, write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:Briefly describe the two (2) advertisements you selected. Ensure you include the chapter(s) in which the advertisements are found in the textbook.Determine what customer group(s) is likely to purchase the product with justification for your response.Select no more than three (3) channels by which you would communicate the message of the ad (the ad itself) to the targeted group and detail how each channel selected would serve the ad well.Following Step 2, identify any negative impact or backlash that could occur for one of the channels selected with rationale.

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