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Mgmt 303 Week 8 Final Exam New

In this pack of MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam new you will find:

(TCO 1) All of the following are physical resources except

(TCO 2) In Florida, a vacationer could choose from over 200 timeshare resorts. In Vermont, the choice is limited to 15. A resort in Vermont has

(TCO 3) All of the following issues stem from how employees treat the organization except

(TCO 4) When 12 original countries joined together, with the primary goal of reasserting the region’s economic position against the United States and Japan, the _____ was formed

(TCO 5) _____ planning is the process by which managers identify alternative courses of action that the organization might follow if various conditions arise

(TCO 6) The overall purpose of a business plan is to

(TCO 7) A regional manufacturing operation has the following divisions: manufacturing, finance, human resources, marketing, and shipping/receiving. This is an example of _____ departmentalization

(TCO 8) The _____ requires payment of overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours per week.

(TCO 9) The communication process is

(TCO 10) Income statements, balance sheets, and audits are examples of the control of

(TCO 2) An organization

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