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Law 531 Week 6 Dqs

This document of LAW 531 Week 6 Discussion Questions includes answers to the next questions:

DQ 1:

Select an organization to which you belong, or with which you are familiar. It could be your employer, or it could be your church, your children’s soccer league, the Scouts, your homeowner association, or any other group that is led by a board. Discuss what legal liabilities could arise for you if you are a director or officer of that board. Discuss also what you can do to minimize that liability.

DQ 2:

Select a business or industry with which you are familiar. For that organization, discuss what form of organization – proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLP, LLC, etc. – is best suited for that organization, and why it is best suited. Which form of organization would be least suited, and why? Be sure not to select a business or industry that has already been discussed by another student.

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