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It 244 Week 8 Dqs

This file of IT 244 Week 8 Discussion Questions consists of:

1. What are the characteristics of a good intrusion detection system. Provide example and reference where appropriate?

2. What are the two main classes of intrusions? Explain the differences between them.

Provide example and reference where appropriate?

3. Why is application development security important?

Scenario: U.S. organizations are outsourcing software development activities to countries like India, Pakistan, China, and other emerging economies to gain the benefits of reduced costs and faster turnaround times. But these efforts come at a price. What is the price businesses pay for outsourcing? Discuss pros and cons. Give example.

4. What security issues does overseas development of software ascends in commercial and custom systems intended for use in the United States?Give example and provide supporting evidence.

5. What privacy issues are currently of a great concern and are these issues being addressed? give example.

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