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Iscom 352 Week 5 Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Presentation

In this work of ISCOM 352 Week 5 Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Presentation you will find the next information:

ISCOM 352 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Presentation Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Navigate?to the Virtual Organizations website at Select?Riordan Manufacturing. Click the Intranet tab, then select Operations from the left-hand menu. Read?inventory and supply chain information for research and development in Albany, GA, and Pontiac, MI. Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation as part of a training seminar in inventory management. Training will focus on inventory management as part of supply chain logistics. In your presentation, address the following: How do inventory costs affect inventory decisions? What could Riordan change regarding inventory practices? How would those decisions affect inventory costs? How does holding inventory, or carrying costs, affect profitability for Riordan? What are dangers of decreasing or increasing inventory? What inventory management strategies are available to Riordan? What strategy do you recommend? Why? How would technology-based strategies influence Riordan?s supply chain logistics management? How may Riordan use these strategies in implementing and executing operations to achieve successful supply chain logistics management? How would relationship-based strategies influence Riordan’s supply chain logistics management? What relationship-based strategies may Riordan cultivate to move forward with logistics strategies to be successful in the global mark.

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