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Iscom 352 Week 4 Individual Assignment Logistics Management Paper

In this document of ISCOM 352 Week 4 Individual Assignment Logistics Management Paper you will find the next information:

As the head of purchasing and procurement, you must draft a report that discusses important elements of logistics management for employees. The report will go to employees who have been with the organization for less than 18 months. Upper managements primary concern is that new employees have been so inundated with policies, procedures, and training seminars that they need a refresher on the basics of logistics management. Write a 1,050-word report, including the following: Describe factors that influence logistics management for an organization across international borders. Summarize regulatory and operations factors that affect logistics management in the U.S. Identify major forces that drive reverse logistics systems. How do they relate? How does each factor specifically affect reverse logistics systems? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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