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Hum 176 Week 2 Dqs

This file of HUM 176 Week 2 Discussion Questions consists of:

DQ 1: In the video this week, Bill Goodykoontz discusses the effect television and movies have on family dynamics. Do you agree? Does what we watch and experience in popular culture affect the way our families behave? Explain your rationale.DQ 2: In the Week Two Learnscape, you create an introductory paragraph for Sen. Johnson for a speech he is giving on the effect of the Internet on politics. After scanning the sites you have been given, how comfortable are you with the credibility of the information you found on the Internet? What, if anything, makes you uncomfortable about the credibility of these sources?If you think the information is credible, explain why.Think about how often you use the Internet and the various tasks you use it for. How would your day-to-day life differ if you tried to complete those same tasks without the use of the Internet? Share your thoughts with your classmates.DQ 3: Do you have as much confidence in the accuracy of an online story as you do in one found in a newspaper or magazine? Explain your reasoning.

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