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Hum 150 Week 5 Dq 2

This document of HUM 150 Week 5 Discussion Question 2 comprises:

Now imagine you are a character in a horror movie. Again, what sounds do you hear? And what sounds do you not hear, but the audience does? Similar to Q 1, discuss how sound manipulates audience reactions in horror films. Name some other characteristics one finds in all horror movies. How do they contribute to horror? BUT ADD THIS CONSIDERATION: In some instances, genres overlap each other, as in DQ1’s comedy-romances and in horrific movies like Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead. In your opinion, do you think these movies fall into an existing genre, such as horror or comedy? If so, which one do they fall into? Why did you select this genre? If not, how would you define the genre? What would you call it?

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