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How can nurse education contribute to reducing the incidences of heart attacks among old people aged over 60 in hospitals?


Review protocol/strategy (2800 words)
This assignment requires you to reflect on clinical nursing practice to identify a research question that you wish
to explore further and to develop a review protocol//strategy in relation to the research question.
This assignment/review protocol is linked with your next course NURS 3046 Nursing Project.
Objectives being assessed
• Explain the relationship between knowledge, research and practice
• Explain the process of identifying a research question
• Apply the research process to develop a research protocol/strategy
• Apply a critical approach to reviewing the literature
• Develop a research question from ONE of the health themes provided below
• Apply the PICO or PIO in a table format to the research question
• Develop inclusion and exclusion criteria
• Develop a search strategy to direct a search of relevant electronic health databases to locate
specific research articles related to your research question.
• Implement the search strategy in the two selected electronic databases.
• Identify and record 5 research articles relevant to your research question.

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