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How can managers create an organizational climate that fosters Positive Organizational Behavior?

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Class ~ How can managers create an organizational climate that fosters Positive Organizational Behavior?



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Hello all


Positive emotions have strong and powerful effects om or brains and the people around us. They play the role in developing a long term resource for on the job success. What matters is the way that our emotions are balanced, what parts a positive and the parts that are negative. Positive emotions balance out our negative emotions. We can build our skills on the positive emotions that we deal with daily. It increases our awareness, attention, and or memory which makes us do better in work or even school because we tend to make better choices over all.


Sharron T.



Positive emotions in Positive Organizational Behavior is things like a smile, words of encouragement, and king gestures according to Kinicki, Fugate. This type of behavior will help keep the tone of those business transaction on a friendly yet professional level. In my workplace, I am on the  phone a lot but as a customer service oriented person, I keep a smile on them my face even while on the phone because a smile can even be heard through the phone. This type of phone etiquette is professional and pleasant for the customer interaction. This is the best way to keep and gain customers in my business.


Jessica Star

, Ch. 5(today) 150+



Class ~ What is motivation and how does it affect my behavior?


Class ~ Select two theories of motivation. How would you compare and contrast the content and process theories of motivation?


Great discussion on motivation and how it affects our behavior, Parris. Motivation – we hear the term often. Generally we associate the word with human behavior, meaning, a state of mind that moves us to action. Some employees are motivated by employee bonuses, gifts, promotions or anything else that would be a perk in that employee’s eyes while others are solely motivated by the recognition of exceptional performance. When reviewing those two types of motivations, can you think of an example where one’s motivation would move from intrinsic motivation to extrinsic motivation?


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