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How can managers create an environment that values teamwork?In a teamwork environment people understand and believe that thinking planning decisions and actions are better when cooperatively.


To have a business to make it in this day in age you have to make changes to do so. The most important thing that will make this work is that you have employees that are team players and that can handley the changes that come their way as well as that they can stay on task and do their job that they was hired for no matter what the outcome may be at the end of the change. I have to say that the hospital that I am working for at this time they are going through changes at this time with the fact that they just brought the Union in that are making changes as well as the hospital and a lot of people can not deal with this and they are jumping ship, but the problem with this is they are not up to the change as well as up to the new work load that is coming our way.


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Fostering teamwork is creating a work culture that values collaboration. In a teamwork environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when cooperatively.

How can managers create an environment that values teamwork?


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One way that managers can create an environment that values teamwork is by showing all employees that no one is bigger than the team, by always making sure that they work together on all projects. Another way to show teamwork is to divide all of the assignments up and give each employee a portion to complete however until the entire assignment is completed no employees portion of the assignment will be considered done. It is very important for management to push teamwork, and if management works together with the employees then they really get a good sense of how teamwork works.


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I think the best way to retain competent high preforming employees is you have to come in with a plan. Changes are tough especially for someone who is use to a certain system. the incoming management has to show that the know what they are doing to keep the employees motivated. Also I feel that you have to get feedback from your employees you cant come in and change everything and not ask for feedback.


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Employee involvement is a necessary and integral part of managing change. Managing change is not a one way street. Feedback from employees is a key element of the change management process. Analysis and corrective action based on this feedback provides a robust cycle for implementing change.

Class, Can you think of some ways managers can gather, interrupt and share feedback with their employees? How does feedback promote a positive change environment?

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