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Hius 221 Quiz 7 Complete Solutions Correct Answers Key

What occurred in the mid-1830s to spare the beaver from extinction?James K. Polk, or “Young Hickory,” shared all of the following with Andrew Jackson EXCEPTWhy did the Whigs reject Henry Clay as their candidate for president in the election of 1848?Who were the “Barnburners”?What was the main source of conflict between the United States and Mexico before the Mexican War?Henry David Thoreau is famous for articulating his stance onAs president, James K. Polk could be best described asWhat was Henry Clay’s position on the annexation of Texas?Who led the invasion of central Mexico that resulted in the taking of Mexico City?Manifest Destiny was the doctrine that – God intended the United States to extendWhat was the Liberty Party?Whom did the Free-Soil Party nominate as its candidate in the election of 1848?What factors led to Zachary Taylor’s election as president in 1848?The Democrats struggled in the presidential election of 1860 afterIn the controversial Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court declared thatPresident Pierce attempted to strengthen the Democratic Party and unite the nation by emphasizingWhat was the effect of Lincoln-Douglas debates?Under the Compromise of 1850, in which of the following territories or states would residents decide whether or not slavery should be permitted?Who was the most instrumental in ensuring that the Compromise of 1850 passed?The passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to the dissolution ofThe Republican Party’s first candidate in a presidential election wasThe Crittenden Compromise was proposed in response toWho was elected the President of the Confederate States?Visitors to the 1853 Crystal Palace Exhibition in New York City could have seen examples of all of the following EXCEPTWho succeeded Zachary Taylor as president after his death?Why did the Mexican government think they could win a war against the United States?Which of the following generals who led in the Mexican-American would rather employ intricate maneuvers than frontal attacks?According to the video presentation, who wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”?According tot eh video presentation, what was a nickname for Kansas after the Kansas-Nebraska Act?What is the main reason many Americans opposed the annexation of Texas?What contributed significantly to the United States’ victory in the Mexican War?In the 1848 election, the Free-Soil Party attracted all of the following EXCEPTAfter Mexico declared its independence from Spain in 1821, the missions in CaliforniaWhat did the doctrine of “consecration and stewardship” require of Mormons?Who was the leader of Texan forces that defeated and captured General Santa Anna at San Jacinto?What was the daguerreotype?Who was Brigham Young?Where did the Mormons ultimately settle?Which tribe successfully resisted removal through the 1830s?What attitude would Northern manufacturers most likely have had toward immigrants?All of the following were signs that the debate over slavery was intensifying through the 1850s EXCEPTIn his first inaugural address, President Abraham LincolnSoutherners’ demands that Northerners comply with the Fugitive Slave Act contradictedDuring the Gold Rush, 80 percent of the new arrivals to California wereWho was most instrumental in ensuring that the Compromise of 1850 passed?Starting in 1860, Southern states began to secede in response to – The election ofWhich aspect of the Compromise of 1850 proved to be most controversial?What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act accomplish?Nebraska as separate territories and the repeal of the Missouri Compromise LineAccording to the video presentation, what was the root cause of the Mexican-American War?According to the video presentation, what is sectionalism?The most contentious issue in the election of 1848 wasAfter Mexico declared its independence from Spain in 1821, the missions in CaliforniaThe Wilmot Proviso proposed thatIn the 1848 election, the Whig Platform focused onThe Free‑Soil Party emerged during the Mexican‑American War and was committed toWhat was the daguerreotype?“Remember the Alamo” became a battle cry for Americans in the war against Mexico becauseSoutherners’ demands that Northerners comply with the Fugitive Slave ActWhy did Franklin Pierce handily win the presidential election of 1852?What was one outcome of the Kansas‑Nebraska Act?Why were Republicans able to gain the presidency in the election of 1860?What territories did President Pierce propose acquiring? – Hawaii, Alaska, and CubaThe creation of interchangeable parts benefited American industry by making it possible toWhich of the following generals who led in the Mexican‑American War would rather employ intricate maneuvers than frontal attacks?According to the video presentation, who was responsible for the caning of Senator Sumner?Franciscan‑run Catholic missions in California for the most part treated Indians asWhat role did trappers play in the settlement of the West?Proponents of popular sovereignty believed thatFree‑Soilers and abolitionists were outraged by the Kansas‑Nebraska Act because itWhy might many Southerners have been disappointed in their fellow Southerner Zachary Taylor?Members of the American Party were commonly referred to as theDuring the 1840s and 1850s, Northern factories strongly benefited from the introduction ofUncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe influenced Northerners in what way?In 1852, the California state legislature bolstered segregation by imposing a heavy tax onAccording to the video presentation, who was perhaps the only President of the United States who kept all his campaign promises?

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