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His 125 V3 Week 1 Dqs

This work of HIS 125 v3 Week 1 Discussion Questions shows the Solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: President Lincoln had one vision for Reconstruction, while President Johnson had another. Members of Congress, especially the Radical Republicans, had yet a third. Which of these three do you think had the most success? Which of the three had the best approach for the South and for the freed slaves? Why?DQ 2: Immediately after the Civil War, freed people made some gains: They voted and some became members of state legislatures, some opened schools and businesses, and so forth. Soon after, however, the Black codes and other forces conspired to formalize segregation in the South. Do you think more could have or should have been done to ensure better protection of their rights? What? Given your understanding of history, do you think it would have worked? Why or why not?

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