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Hca 459 Week 3 Dq 1 Strategic Planning And Budgeting

This document of HCA 459 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 Strategic Planning and Budgeting consists of:

Imagine you are considering the possibility of operating a small business or practice related to health care, either as a provider of some sort of care or as a service intended to support various provider organizations in their care-delivery activities. 1. Describe the kind of entity you plan to establish by stating the service or services you propose to deliver and the kinds of clients or customers you would be serving. 2. Write a few sentences offering compelling reasons for your proposed venture, explaining why you believe it is needed and by whom it is needed. Also discuss any competition you foresee. 3. Develop an estimate of how much money you will require to become established in business, and state how you would finance your venture. Also discuss your plans for maintaining your budget. 4. Create a mission or vision statement for your organization.

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