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Given the challenges prisons are faced with today this is not an easy task

Ensuring inmate and staff safety is of the utmost importance in a correctional facility. Given the challenges prisons are faced with today, this is not an easy task. In this essay you will focus on some of the possible techniques that prisons use. Why is inmate custody and control important in a correctional facility? Identify how the following methods are used to maintain inmate custody and control in correctional facilities:

Administration and leadership Disciplinary procedures Physical layout of the facility Gang control Grievance procedures Humane institutions Screening and classification Staff training and education Use of force Your completed paper should be 3–4 pages in length with a minimum of two references, including the course text.

In addition to fulfilling the specifics of the Assignment, a successful paper must also meet the following criteria:

Include a cover page and references page in 10-12 point font (Arial, Courier, and Times New Roman are acceptable) Viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.) Writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics Appropriate APA citation style should be followed

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