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 During your journey together through this course, you have met new people and shared some very good ideas. Take this time to say your farewells to your classmates and share any insights you have gained from this course. 100 words.

Examples from my classmates

Hi Prof and Class

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Not only was it fun, it was so informational. There were so many perspectives given in the seminars and discussion boards that I feel I’m truly walking away with ingredients for success I didn’t have prior. When I first signed up for this class, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to walk away with after so long in business. Let me clarify. In no way, shape, or form did I think I knew everything. It’s more like I felt I was exposed to so much after 15 years that most of the class would be a review. I was so pleasantly surprised. What I learned is that the organization I worked for had it’s own culture. So everything I was exposed to was based on the organizations culture. As the class progress, I was so happy to learn about the culture of the experience with the prof and peers. It was a true eye opener. I had so much fun while learning in this class that I will take it with me and value it as I move on through my education.

I want to thank the prof and classmates for all of the insight and feedback you have given me. I wish everybody the very best and you venture off into your journeys and add on or start your new professional lives. Best wishes to everyone. If there is ever a time I can do anything for you please holler. I may be reaching out to some of you in the future to get some more of your wonderful ideas.  

           Hi Prof and class

I have greatly enjoyed this class, it has shown me new ways to properly conduct and carry myself in the workplace. I will like to take this time to thank Prof. Griffin for all of her guidance this semester and to all y classmates good luck in all of your endeavors. 

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