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Explain what Sartre’s concept ofradical freedom

n the excerpt from Existentialism is a Humanism, Sartre argues for radical freedom. (You’ll find the .pdf in the Unit 5: Phil. Mind section of the menu.) Read the article, take notes, and then write your essay.

Explain what Sartre’s concept of radical freedom is. If we accept the concept of radical freedom, in what cases should be held responsible for our choices and actions?

Are there any cases in which we should not be held responsible for our actions, according to Sartre? Why or why not? Invent your own original examples to explain and use passages from the text to support your point of view.

Do you agree with his claim that “[humans are] condemned to be free?” Explain your answer. Do you find Sartre’s theory of free will convincing? Why or why not?


Once you choose which question you’d like to write about, compose your essay in the body of a thread you start in this board. As you are writing, copy-paste your essay into a Word document. Use your textbook to help you respond to the topic, and when you quote and summarize from the course texts, include information about the page reference.

I strongly discourage you from using outside sources, but if you do use an outside source, be sure to cite your source. If you use a famous quotation or an example from a website, cite the website’s url and the date accessed.

Once you are ready for your classmates to read it, post the thread containing your essay. Then go to the turnitin dropbox section here in Blackboard and post your Word document into the dropbox.

Finally, read your classmates’ posts. A complete assignment includes your written response to at least one essay besides your own; part of your score is based on your reply to at least one of your classmate’s posts. It should be a meaningful reply that continues the discussion, points out something good about the post, and makes a constructive suggestion for improvement.

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