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Explain what methods you will use to test the reliability of your data.

Project proposal

1.1 Detailed description of assessment scheme and assignments

Project proposal worth 25%

It is expected that students will present a description of an interesting research problem, justification for the choice of topic area, a literature search, a breakdown of the research methodology and a description of how the research findings will be used.

Project proposal (1000 words)

i Structure and Presentation

It should be typed, double spaced in font Arial 12pt.

ii Word Length

The proposal should be no more than 1000 words in length, excluding references etc. Exceeding the word limit will be penalised. You should aim for it to be concise and well organised without repetition or redundant material.

iii Format

The proposal should contain a Title Sheet showing your full name, the title of the proposed work, and the exact word count.

iv Introduction/Background

The introduction should set out the context of the proposed work, have a clearly identified research question and describe its purpose, including a set of clearly stated aims and objectives.

v Planning

Indicate a time scale to demonstrate that the proposed work is achievable, e.g. utilise a Gantt chart which includes the key stages in the project and an indication of the approximate length of each stage.

vi Research Method

A brief description of the approaches that you propose to use in your project. This should describe the method you adopt to systematically review the literature and/or any documentary analysis. You are strongly advised to consult one of the research methods books mentioned in the bibliography to help you do this

If you intend to use statistics to analyse your data, then detail here what tests you intend to use and why they are appropriate. However, if it is NOT appropriate to use statistics, then explain what methods you will use to test the reliability of your data.

vii References

The articles to be referenced in your proposal are those to which specific statements (i.e. reference) were made in the text. The reference list is NOT a bibliography of books or articles you have read. In the proposal (unlike the research paper) you need only make a few references which would be key ones to support the proposal. References should be listed using the Harvard Referencing System.

Note: at list 5 references list .

Maximum marks for each element shown in brackets.

Element for assessment Comment Mark
Introduction/background. context of proposed work and development of research question 40%
Research methods- an outline description and justification of proposed research methods 30%
Information/Data recording handling and analysis An outline of the methods used to record and analyse data. 10%
Project plan 10%
Presentation and references 10%

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