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Explain the wireless Lan and Wan technology you will be using

IP Netwwork Assignment


Student Name      Network A       Network B

Shaik, Mohsin


Based on the IP address assigned to you above. Create a data communication network that shows communication between two networks.  The following must be submitted.

  1. A topology showing one routers, two switches, two wireless routers and 3 hosts per switch.
  2. At least one network must have either a Web Server and FTP server but not both
  3. A table showing all IP addresses assigned to the devices above.
  4. Explain the wireless, Lan and Wan technology you will be using
  5. Explain how users can connect from one host to another using VPN or Remote Access
  6. The step-by-step guide showing the configuration of all the devices.
  7. Images showing ping, FTP and Web connection results between devices on the different networks

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