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Explain the possible reasons for their addiction.

Discussion Question 1
¢ Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum
¢ Post your response to the following: Jim has taken heroin for the past 5 years. One day,
Jim and Jack go out and both use large quantities of heroin. Although both did the same
amount of drugs, Jack dies from an overdose. Discuss how drug tolerance and
conditioning may factor into this outcome. Explain the possible reasons for their
3. Discussion Question 2
¢ Resource: Appendix D: Drug Health Effects Scale
¢ Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum
¢ Review the Drug Health Effects Scale in Appendix D.
¢ Rate each drug according to the hazard scale for each of the categories listed. When
finished, add each category for each drugs health hazard total.
¢ Copy and paste your completed Drug Health Effects table into a post in the Main forum
along with your responses to the following questions:
o Are you surprised at your results? Why or why not?
o If the drugs social impact was a category, how might it change your
¢ Review another students rating scale and comment on if you agree or disagree with their
totals. Explain your response.

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