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Essay 4

Proposal and Business Report Portfolio:

Your final portfolio for this course is a business report in which you analyze a problem or situation, conduct research, and based on the research; recommend a course of action for your audience.  You get to choose your problem and organizational context you wish to write in, so if you want to analyze a problem in a real-world job context, you can, but you can also choose or modify ideas found at the end of the report chapter as well.

The portfolio will consist of several drafts of the project proposal, and several drafts of the report itself.  We will conference twice on this project – once for me to review your proposal, approve your topic, and suggest changes, and once to review a draft of your report and suggest revisions.

A good report will:

·      Follow the guidelines on report writing

·      Use effective organization and document design

·      Use sources effectively to construct and support your position

·      Use effective and grammatically correct business style

·      Use you-attitude and positive emphasis

·      Use at least one visual, effectively


Prior to doing the business report itself, you will need to write a proposal in which you persuade your boss that the project you have in mind is necessary/useful and to convince them that you are prepared to take on the project. 

In your proposal, you should identify what problem/situation you are trying to address and why it is useful to address this issue, as well as what questions you are attempting to answer, or what kind of information you will need to write your report. 

You should also list and annotate 3 sources that you think will assist you in developing your proposal (your final report may use more than this number, but at the proposal stage, you will want to show that you have already done some preliminary research and thinking on this issue). Your annotations should summarize the source and explain what you think the source will contribute to your final report.

At the proposal stage, you should not necessarily know what course of action you are going to recommend – you are simply convincing your boss to let you work on the research report. 

now just I want proposal two pages. than I want send to my pro If she accept me I want start for 9 pages.

my topic Yamama Saudi Cement Company.

I want good proposals.and at less three resources.

also I can compared with another company.

please answer all this question in my propesol

The Situation

What problem/opportunity/situation are you addressing in your proposal?Why does it need to be solved/explored?What is the history or background of this situation?

The Audience

Primary Audience:

Who is the primary audience for your proposal and report?What is their major concern or priority? What will your audience see as advantages to your proposal? What might they object to, or be resistant to?How interested will they be in your proposed project?How much does your audience know about e topic of you report?

Other Audiences:

What other audiences might you need to consider?Who else might read, respond to, be affected by your recommendation? What priorities and concerns will these audiences have?

Topics and Questions

What topics, sub-topics do you anticipate covering in your report? What questions do you need to answer in your report?What aspects do you think you will emphasize/deemphasize and why?


Where will you get information you need to write your report?What kinds of sources might help you answer your questions?What kinds of information will you need to accurately document the situation you are addressing?What kinds of sources can you use to help you substantiate the need to address the situation?What kinds of sources will your target audience find credible?

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