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Engl 230 Week 4 Ball Corporation Practicing Business Communication

This paper of ENGL 230 Week 4 Ball Corporation Practicing Business Communication comprises:

The assignment in Week 4 is to read the Ball Corporation article on pages 106 and 107, then answer the four questions for critical thinking at the end. When answering the questions, you should answer the questions completely using both textbook definitions and your own experiences and examples (or an outside source, in which case you need to cite the source). So you might first answer with what are typical influences (from the book), and then speak to what typically influences you and give an example of your experience.How a Small Margin of Error Affects Communication on a ProjectA small margin for error makes communication on a project critical, especially when the project is as complex as the projects being developed by Ball Aerospace (OHair, Friedrich & Dixon, 2011). Communication must be precise, clear and timely so that everyone….Differences in How the Writer Acts in Face-to-face Meetings Compared to Telephone Conference CallsIn face-to-face meetings, the writer tends to be more….Written Communication vs. Oral CommunicationThe written form of communication decreases the chances of interruption (OHair, Friedrich & Dixon, 2011). Textual….Listening HurdlesOne of the writers listening hurdles is that he tends to become a passive listener (OHair, Friedrich & Dixon, 2011) in that he fails….

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